Jared Teter


Jared Teter, Ph.D. is a Founder at Half Illusion Digital Media. Pulling from his experience in other business ventures, as well as from his work as a physicist and engineer, he is able to work closely with all types of clients in order to create a digital presence that evokes emotion and satisfies users through high-end video editing, graphic design, videography, and photography. These skills converge to a digital presence that leads to brand recognition and obsession. Jared is known for assisting clients in achieving value added branding strategies for digital media products across multiple platforms, including internet, wireless, and other emerging device applications. Before starting Half Illusion Jared worked as an independent website creator and video editor. Jared is also the owner of several successful social media accounts created from scratch and the founder and president of the Legend Channel, a successful YouTube channel with over 8 million views.